Testing Process

Hairdressing cosmetics product testing process

1. Test preparation stage

Clarify the test objectives: Determine the objectives to be achieved in this test, whether to test product functions, performance, security or other aspects.
Develop a test plan: Develop a detailed test plan based on the test objectives, including test content, test methods, testers, test schedule, etc.
Prepare the test environment: Prepare the necessary test equipment, venues and materials to ensure that the test environment meets the product test requirements.
Write test cases: Write detailed test cases based on product requirements and functional specifications, and clarify the test purpose, test steps, expected results and judgment criteria of each test case.
Select testers: Select testers with relevant professional knowledge and experience to perform test tasks.

2. Test implementation phase

Functional testing: Perform functional testing item by item according to the test cases to verify whether the product meets the functions defined in the requirements specification.
Performance testing: Test the performance indicators of the product, such as speed, stability, compatibility, etc.
Safety testing: Evaluate the safety of product use and whether there are potential risk factors.
Compatibility testing: Test the compatibility of the product with different operating systems, hardware devices and software.
User experience testing: Collect user feedback on product usability, appearance design, etc.

3. Test result analysis phase

Organize test results: Collect and organize all test data and test reports.
Analyze test results: Analyze test results to find out defects and problems in the product.
Evaluate test results: Evaluate whether the test results meet expectations based on the test objectives.

4. Defect tracking and rectification phase

Report product defects: Record the product defects found in the defect tracking system.
Analyze product defects: Analyze the causes of product defects and propose rectification plans.
Track defect rectification: Track the rectification progress of product defects to ensure that defects are effectively repaired.
Retest: Retest the repaired product to verify whether the defects have been repaired.

5. Document management

Test plan document: Record test objectives, scope, schedule, resource allocation and other information.
Test case document: Record the test purpose, test steps, expected results and judgment criteria of each test case.
Test report document: Record the test process, test results, defects and problems found, and rectification.

6. Notes

Product testing should be carried out throughout the entire life cycle of product development, from the demand stage to the design stage, development stage, testing stage and release stage, and corresponding testing is required.
Product testing should be carried out by professional testers, who should have the necessary professional knowledge and experience.
Product testing should use appropriate testing tools and methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.
Product testing should follow relevant standards and specifications to ensure that product quality meets the requirements.
The above is the general testing process for hairdressing cosmetics products, and the specific process may be adjusted according to the specific situation of the product.

Standards and specifications related to our product testing

GMPC: Good Manufacturing Practice is an internationally accepted quality management standard for cosmetic production.

ISO22716: Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics is a quality management standard for cosmetic production established by the European Union.

ISO9001: Quality management system certification is an internationally accepted quality management system certification standard.

FDA: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating the safety and effectiveness of U.S. food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.

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