baby shampoo custom made


baby shampoo custom made

Dear Customer: Hello! This Product ls An Original Design By Our Designers.
Our values: insist on making every bottle of product good, and adopt the path of environmental protection, green and sustainable development to operate.

The content that the product can adjust is:
Shampoo raw materials. Product color. Pump head color. Tank color. Capacity can be customized

Design concept: This design reflects the artistic elegance and historical richness of Italian culture. The bottle has a sleek, stylish shape inspired by Italian Renaissance art and architecture. The main color is a deep, matte Mediterranean blue, reminiscent of the Italian coastline. The pump top is a shiny metallic olive green, symbolizing Italy’s lush landscape. The label is both sophisticated and artistic, with the brand name “BOINAITS” using a font that combines modern aesthetics with traditional Italian lettering. The product name “Luxurious Shampoo” and the words “Suitable for all hair types” are written in an elegant classic font. The design contains subtle artistic elements that echo Italian art, such as minimalist interpretations of Renaissance patterns or totems, enhancing the bottle’s cultural appeal and aesthetic beauty.

After you like this product, we can make samples for you: The sample fee is 800 US dollars. After you confirm the order and the quantity reaches 10,000 bottles, the 800 US dollars sample fee can be refunded to you.


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baby shampoo custom made
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