BOINAITS Hair Salon Supplies

Dust-free workshop, 5 automatic production equipment, daily output of 100000 bottles.

Vacuum high temperature homogeneous emulsification process.

The production process needs manual inspection to ensure quality.

BOINAITS brand is committed to scientific research, product formula research and development, product raw material testing, and product inspection

Pure water is an important basis for cosmetics production, so BOINAITS uses reverse osmosis water purification equipment imported from Germany to ensure good water quality

The BOINAITS brand adopts a fully intelligent high-temperature emulsification pot to ensure that the product state is exquisite and the quality is excellent.

The professional emulsification technicians of BOINAITS meet the ISO9001 certification standard in our refined production process.

Cosmetics production line, with a daily output of 25000 to 35000 bottles

Clean and tidy workshop is the standard for our production