AI smart hair care black technology!

The super smart black technology product that has subverted the hair care industry has been born! Core protection technology and nutritional supplementation are carried out in stages.

Super core protection technology

Combining hydrolyzed silk protein with nanomolecular amino acids

Turnip Moisturizing Hair Core Dual Liquid. Repairs the hair core. Hair health starts from the core!

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Super hydrating technology

Hair is getting dry due to perms, hair dyeing, and alkaline inorganic salt damage, resulting in nutritional deficiencies!

Turnip Moisturizing Hair Core Repair Cream. Contains hydrolyzed protein and silk protein ingredients, which effectively solves the problem of hair nutrition loss and locks in moisture.

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AI intelligent dual protection black technology

Hair core repair and nutrition introduction are carried out separately

Through continuous research and testing, we have found that the core of repairing the hair core is to replenish the amino acids needed for the disulfide bonds of the hair. The most lacking hair nutrition is water. If the two are mixed together for care, the effect will be biased. .It cannot achieve the effect of caring for the hair core. The hair core is the skeleton of the hair. If the hair core is not healthy, no matter how much water is added, it will be ineffective.

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R&D process

When professionals meet experts

Teacher Gu, who came to Taiwan, has been working in the industry for 35 years. He is determined to create a care product that repairs the hair core. By chance, Teacher Gu met an engineer who graduated from 985 University and has been working in the industry for 35 years. The two hit it off and experienced 5 years of experience. After years, we finally developed a hair care product that can care for the hair core and supplement nutrition. Once this product was launched on the market, it was loved by customers of hair care centers and hair salons.

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Enterprise Certification

Has strict international certification

The company has passed GMPC certification/ISO9001 certification/ISO22716 certification/FDA certification/SGS certification

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Global investment

We are recruiting partners

Embrace new products, have new opportunities, and provide products and services to customers wholeheartedly.

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Brand support

Become our agent and you will receive the following support

1. Official regular technical training courses 2. Regular marketing courses from teachers 3. Exclusive licensing by one district and one company.

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You are very important to us! Please contact us

We are the best hair products manufacturer! Complete your creation!

Contact us now to experience the charm of BOINAITS: Get professional consultation: Our account managers will provide you with personalized hair product customization solutions to help you find the products that are best for you. Enjoy high-quality services: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product design solutions, product formula design and effect testing, product usage guidance, troubleshooting and trade terms services. Unlock the secrets of hair care and cosmetics marketing: We regularly hold product promotion and release events to share the latest scientific and technological achievements and knowledge to help you start a new chapter.

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