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BOINAITS focuses on providing a full range of hair cosmetics manufacturing services. Our business covers shampoo manufacturing, Hair conditioner custom, Body wash wholesale, hair wax stick custom,hair dye custom, hair perm product supply, etc., aiming to meet the needs of different consumers. With advanced production technology and strict quality control, we ensure that each product meets the highest industry standards. In addition, through AIGC’s design and creative capabilities, we have a complete production system, including packaging workshop, printing workshop, and filling workshop, so we can provide personalized customization services so that customers can customize products according to their own needs and brand characteristics. Whether it is formula adjustment, packaging design, or the overall concept of the product, we can provide professional advice and support to ensure that the final product can perfectly present the customer’s brand concept and market positioning. In this way, BOINAITS. helps customers stand out in the highly competitive market.

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Types of hair wax that can be made for you

1:Plant-based hair wax: | 2:mineral hair wax | 3:water-soluble hair wax


Plant-based hair wax

a hair care product made with vegetable oil as the main raw material, and adding beeswax, ozokerite, antioxidants and essences. It is a translucent paste, rich in luster, and has appropriate hardness and viscosity.


Mineral hair wax

Hair cosmetics made from mineral oils such as petroleum jelly, white oil and paraffin as the main raw materials, with appropriate amounts of pigments, flavors and other raw materials added.


Water-soluble hair wax

a hair cosmetic made from water-soluble resin as the main raw material and adding a small amount of grease, surfactants, preservatives, etc. It is a transparent or translucent liquid that is easy to clean.

Providing customized production services for oily hair wax | concrete hair wax | glossy hair wax | matte hair wax | strong hair wax | soft hair wax.

A red, round tin of "bounti's hair of clay" hair styling product, featuring vintage-style typography and design elements in white and black.

Oil-based hair wax

It can fix the hairstyle and is suitable for fixing the curly waves.

Powerful Hair Wax

Has super hold power and can be used to create long-lasting styles.

Soft hair wax

soft texture, easy to style, suitable for creating natural and fluffy hairstyles

Hairdressing and cosmetics manufacturing process

1. Raw material preparation 2. Ingredients 3. Production 4. Filling 5. Inspection 6. Packaging 7. Delivery

According to the product formula, prepare the required raw materials, including active substances, additives, fillers, flavors, pigments, etc. The raw materials meet international standards and undergo strict quality inspection. 1.Weigh and mix the prepared raw materials according to the formula proportions. The batching process will be carried out in a clean production workshop, and parameters such as temperature and humidity will be strictly controlled to ensure product quality. 2. According to the different dosage forms of the product, different production processes are used for production. Emulsion 3. Homogenize the oil phase and water phase in a homogenizer to form a stable emulsion system. Cream production: Mix oils, waxes, active substances and other raw materials evenly under heating conditions, and form a cream-like product after cooling. Shampoo production: Surfactants, additives, flavors, pigments and other raw materials are dissolved or dispersed in water to form shampoo products. 4.Filling the produced products into containers. The filling process is carried out in a dust-free workshop, and the filling volume and sealing are strictly controlled to prevent product contamination. 5.Inspect the filled products, including appearance inspection, physical and chemical index testing, microbial testing, etc. Qualified products will be packed and shipped out of the warehouse. 6.Pack qualified products according to product specifications. Packaging should comply with national standards and be able to protect the product from damage during transportation and storage. 7.Deliver the packaged products to the designated warehouse.
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Universal Color Replenishing Shampoo | Anti-Yellowing Shampoo Manufacturer


Color Complementing Shampoo

Customize complementary color shampoos to your color requirements. These shampoos contain specific pigments that can help your hair complement the color in a wide range of red, blue, green, grey, purple or gold.


Universal color-replenishing shampoo.

These shampoos contain a blend of pigments that can turn blonde hair into any color you want, adding a variety of colors to your hair.


Anti-dandruff shampoo

Young human hair is rarely white. After we bleach and dye our hair, the hair will turn yellow. Anti-yellowing shampoo contains purple pigment. Through the principle of three primary colors, the opposite color of yellow is purple, which can help offset the pigment in the hair. yellow tint.

Shampoo that adds color to your hair just by washing it

Use a color-replenishing shampoo 1-2 times a week. Overuse may cause hair color buildup.
Leave the color-replenishing shampoo on your hair for 3 minutes. This will give the pigment time to settle into the hair.
Use mild shampoo and conditioner. Harsh products can speed up color fading.

Red complementary color shampoo

Generally, our hair that has been dyed red will fade easily. This color is very suitable for people who like red hair. You can achieve the effect of red hair after just one use.

blue complementary color shampoo

Generally, our hair that has been dyed blue will fade easily. This color is very suitable for people who like blue hair. You can achieve the effect of blue hair after one use.

Gray complementary color shampoo

Generally, our hair that has been dyed gray will fade easily. This color is very suitable for people who like gray hair. You can achieve the effect of gray hair after one use.

The production workshop of BOINAITS’s hairdressing and cosmetics factory mainly includes the following areas: Raw material warehouse: used to store raw materials required for production. Batching workshop: used for batching raw materials. Production workshop: used for the production of hair care cosmetics. Filling workshop: used for filling hair cosmetics. Inspection workshop: used for inspection of hairdressing cosmetics. Packaging workshop: used for packaging hair cosmetics. Finished product warehouse: used to store finished products.
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Anti-dandruff shampoo OEM: Anti-dandruff shampoo customization: Anti-itch shampoo production: Anti-hair loss shampoo processing:


Anti-dandruff shampoo custom

used to treat dandruff, usually contains antifungal ingredients such as selenium disulfide, ketoconazole, zinc pyridinone, etc.


anti dandruff shampoo custom

Anti-itch shampoo: used to relieve scalp itching, usually contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as licorice extract, menthol, chamomile extract, etc.


anti-itch shampoo custom

Anti-hair loss shampoo: used to prevent hair loss, usually contains ingredients that promote hair growth, such as caffeine, ginger, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.

Surfactant : hair care shampoo : moisturizer : active ingredients

Hair care shampoo custom

Can make hair soft and easy to comb. Commonly used conditioning agents include: silicone oil, amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, etc.

Moisturizer shampoo custom

It can add moisture to the hair and prevent it from drying out. Commonly used moisturizers include: glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol, etc.

Active ingredients shampoo custom

have targeted functions, such as antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-hair loss, etc. Commonly used active ingredients include: selenium disulfide, ketoconazole, caffeine, etc.

BOINAITS brand participates in beauty expo

At this expo, the BOINAITS brand will showcase its latest products and technologies, including: the newly developed BOINAITS shampoo series, which uses natural plant essences to gently clean the scalp and nourish hair. BOINAITS conditioner series deeply nourishes hair and makes hair smooth and shiny. BOINAITS hair perm product series helps consumers easily create various fashionable styles. BOINAITS hair dye product series, natural color, long-lasting and non-fading. In addition, the BOINAITS brand will also invite professional hairdressers to demonstrate how to use the products on-site and provide free trial experiences for the audience. The BOINAITS brand hopes to demonstrate its brand strength and product advantages to the industry and consumers through this expo, further expand brand influence and increase market share.
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Types of shower gels we can OEM for you

Shower gel body wash Customized services :Moisturizing body wash OEM service :Exfoliating body wash manufacturing services :Antibacterial body wash Customized services :Body wash for sensitive skin OEM service


body wash Customized

Moisturizing body wash:Moisturizing body wash is designed to hydrate and nourish the skin. It is a good choice for people with dry skin or those who live in a dry climate. Moisturizing body wash often contains ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, or avocado oil.


Moisturizing body wash OEM service

Exfoliating body wash:Exfoliating body wash contains scrubbing agents that help to remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. This can help to improve the skin's texture and make it look brighter and more radiant. Exfoliating body wash is a good choice for people with oily or acne-prone skin. However, it is important to use exfoliating body wash no more than once or twice a week, as it can be irritating to the skin.


Exfoliating body wash manufacturing services

Antibacterial body wash:Antibacterial body wash is designed to kill bacteria on the skin. This can help to prevent the spread of infection, especially if you are prone to skin problems such as acne or athlete's foot. Antibacterial body wash is a good choice for people who are active or who work in a dirty environment.

Provide you with customized body wash services

Support customized shower gel type

cleansing shower gel&body wash

The main function of cleansing shower gel is to clean the skin and is suitable for people of all skin types.

alkaline shower gel custom

The pH value of alkaline shower gel is generally between 8-10 and has strong cleaning ability, but it can easily destroy the oil balance on the skin surface and cause dry skin. Alkaline shower gel is generally more suitable for people with oily skin and developed sweat glands.

Soap based body wash custom

Soap-based shower gel uses soap as the main detergent. It has strong cleaning ability and rich foam, but it is easy to irritate the skin. Soap-based shower gel is generally more suitable for people with oily skin and those who require high stain removal capabilities.

Perfect factory delivery process

BOINAITS factory delivery process mainly includes the following steps

1. Order confirmation: After the customer places the order, the BOINAITS sales team will review the order and confirm the order information, including product name, specifications, quantity, price, delivery date, payment method, etc. 2. Production arrangement: After the order is confirmed, the BOINAITS production department will arrange the production plan according to the order requirements and purchase the required raw materials and materials. 3. Production inspection: During the production process, BOINAITS quality control department will conduct strict inspection of products, including raw material inspection, in-process inspection and finished product inspection, to ensure that product quality meets national standards and customer requirements. 4. Product packaging: After the product passes the inspection, BOINAITS packaging department will package the product and select appropriate packaging materials and packaging methods according to customer requirements. 5. Goods shipment: After the product packaging is completed, BOINAITS logistics department will arrange the shipment of the goods. BOINAITS cooperates with a number of logistics companies and can choose appropriate transportation methods according to customer needs, such as sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation, etc. 6. Delivery documents: After the goods are shipped, BOINAITS will provide customers with complete delivery documents, including packing list, invoice, bill of lading, etc. 7. Customer picks up the goods: The customer picks up the goods at the location designated by BOINAITS with the delivery documents.
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Types of hair conditioners that can be customized: 1. hair Conditioner for sun protection. 2. Leave-in hair conditioner. 3. Baked oil conditioner


hair Customized service for sunscreen conditioner

Contains sunscreen ingredients to help protect hair from UV damage


hair Customized leave-in conditioner service

no need to rinse, can be used when hair is dry or wet, can help replenish hair moisture and make hair more supple.


hair Customized service for baking oil conditioner

It is rich in nutrients and can deeply nourish the hair. It can usually be used once a week.

Provide you with conditioner OEM service

Types of hair conditioners we make
1. Transparent liquid conditioner: light and thin texture, suitable for fine and soft hair.
2. Emulsion conditioner: thicker texture, suitable for normal hair types.
3. Paste conditioner: thick texture, suitable for dry or damaged hair
4. Gel conditioner: The texture is more elastic and suitable for curly or permed hair.

OEM service for conditioner for dry hair

Contains rich moisturizing ingredients, which can help dry hair replenish moisture and make hair smoother.

OEM service for conditioner for damaged hair

Contains repairing ingredients that can help restore damaged hair to health.

Dandruff conditioner OEM service

Contains anti-dandruff ingredients, which can help remove dandruff and relieve scalp itching

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Contact us now to experience the charm of BOINAITS: Get professional consultation: Our account managers will provide you with personalized hair product customization solutions to help you find the products that are best for you. Enjoy high-quality services: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product design solutions, product formula design and effect testing, product usage guidance, troubleshooting and trade terms services. Unlock the secrets of hair care and cosmetics marketing: We regularly hold product promotion and release events to share the latest scientific and technological achievements and knowledge to help you start a new chapter.

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