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subvert tradition,Open a new era of AIGC custom hair cosmetics

AIGC hair cosmetics Market analysis

The rise of the AIGC era and the growth of personalized consumption demand

Traditional cosmetics cannot meet diverse needs, and customized cosmetics to meet users’ individual needs has become a new trend.In recent years, Generation Z has become the main force of consumption. They pursue personalized and unique consumption experience.
Traditional cosmetics are often produced in a standardized manner and cannot meet the diverse needs of users.Customized beauty products can meet users’ individual needs and provide differentiated products and services, so they have become a new market trend.

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BOINAITS hair wax product customization service will help your business take off!

Scope of hair wax customization: hair wax base customization | hair wax fragrance customization | hair wax effect customization | hair wax appearance customization


Customization of hair wax stick base

Choose your favorite hair wax texture, such as oil-based, water-based, wax-based, etc. Choose your favorite scent, such as fresh, floral, fruity, etc.


Effect customization of hair wax stick

Choose the hair wax effect you need, such as styling, fluffiness, gloss, etc.


Appearance customization of hair wax stick

Choose your favorite hair wax appearance, such as color, bottle type, label, etc.

Efficient communication | Personalization | High cost performance

A round container of hair clay featuring a stylized black and white illustration of a woman with an elaborate hairstyle on the lid. the brand name "cblaty" is prominent in the center.

Efficient communication of hair wax stick

The BOINAITS professional team already has very mature product formulas and design documents. Through your communication, we can quickly meet your needs and create hair wax product samples that meet your requirements. You can receive hair wax product samples within 3-5 weeks.

Personalized customization of hair wax stick

Meet your individual needs and create your own hair wax products. Whether it is product performance, fragrance, or packaging design, it is unique. BOINAITS uses high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship. We can fully meet any of your requirements and provide you with hair wax products.

High cost performance of hair wax stick

We have complete industrial advantages, work closely with raw material manufacturers to provide high-quality raw materials, and cooperate with scientific research units to ensure that our products have very unique functions and characteristics. Our hair wax product customization services are reasonably priced and cost effective.

1. Communication of customer needs 2. Personalized formula design 3. Customized production and testing 4. Mass production 5. Delivery to you

1. Communicate and understand your requirements. 2. A deposit of US$500 is required, and US$500 can be deducted as payment for the goods upon ordering. 3. The expert team develops and designs formulas and will prepare 10 sample formulas. We will select natural and effective ingredients to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the formulas. 4. Test samples and conduct effect testing on samples that meet your requirements. 5. If the sample passes the test, no less than 4 different types of samples will be sent to you. 6. After you receive the sample, start testing the sample, listen to your feedback, and make adjustments to the product. 7. We strictly produce according to the formula you choose, and conduct strict quality testing to ensure that the products meet the highest quality standards.

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BOINAITS: Your expert in customizing hair perming products

BOINAITS is a manufacturer dedicated to providing customers with high-quality customized services for hair perming products. We have rich experience and professional technical team to meet your various needs.We have a wide range of products, including: cold perm | hot perm | perm water | styling agent | conditioner | We can also customize special product formulas according to your requirements.


Customized production of cold hair perm products

Customize the formula of the cold perm, select high-quality and safe raw materials to ensure the quality and safety of the product, and adopt advanced production technology to ensure the stability and consistency of the product. We will customize the packaging of the product according to your requirements.


Customized production of hot-scalding agent hair perm products

Customize the formula of the hot blanching agent, select high-quality and safe raw materials to ensure the quality and safety of the product, adopt advanced production technology to ensure the stability and consistency of the product, and customize product packaging according to customer requirements.


hair Perm water product customization

Perm water is a chemical product used to soften hair and help it curl. It is usually used with a cold or hot perm. The main ingredients of perm water include: reducing agent: used to destroy the disulfide bonds in the hair and soften the hair. Alkali agent: used to neutralize reducing agents and make hair styling. Auxiliary ingredients: used to adjust the pH value, viscosity, etc. of the product.

Services we provide you

Customization of perm products: strict control of product quality and perfect after-sales service

Customization of perm products

We can customize special product formulas according to your requirements.

Perm product quality assurance

We strictly control the quality of our products to ensure that they meet your requirements.

After-sales service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service so that you have no worries.

Hair Cosmetics Custom Range

We offer a wide range of custom hair products services:

customize hair cleaning products: shampoo, hair conditioner,hair wax stickhair perm products.

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Bubble hair dye product customization refers to the customized production of bubble hair dye products according to the specific needs of customers.


Formula customization

Design the formula and customize the formula of bubble hair dye according to the customer's goals.


Raw material selection

Choose high-quality, safe raw materials to ensure product quality and safety.


Production process

Adopt advanced production process to ensure product stability and consistency.

Meet personalized needs | Improve product competitiveness | Reduce product costs

Meet personalized needs

Products can be customized according to the specific needs of customers to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

Improve product competitiveness

It can help companies develop products with unique advantages and improve product competitiveness.

Reduce product costs

Products can be customized according to customers’ actual needs, reducing unnecessary raw materials and production costs.

Case display Mr. Wong’s story

The story of Mr. Wong as a professional hair product operator and BOINAITS.

Mr. Wong a senior hair product operator, has been struggling to find hair cosmetics that fully meet his needs. By chance, he discovered [BOINAITS]’s AIGC custom hair cosmetics service, and out of curiosity, he decided to give it a try.
Through AI algorithm analysis and personalized communication, Mr. Wong professional team custom a set of exclusive perm product solutions for Mr. Wong. From product formula adjustment to fragrance selection, Mr. Wong is involved. Every product is created with the wholehearted efforts of the BOINAITS team. Mr. Wong After trying the product we designed for him, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the curling effect was much better than expected. The product does almost no harm to the hair, and the curl is very natural, which improves the whole person’s temperament. He said excitedly that [BOINAITS] AIGC’s customized hair and cosmetics service allowed her to finally find the effect of her dreams, and she became a loyal fan of [BOINAITS].

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Shampoo customization refers to customizing exclusive shampoo formulas according to customer requirements. In conjunction with the product design, we will use this information to prepare a shampoo that suits your requirements as a consumer, and send a sample to you for confirmation.


Consumer Assessment

Consumers provide information on hair and scalp condition through questionnaires or tests.


Formula design

A professional R&D team designs exclusive shampoo formulas based on consumer information.


Product production

Customized factory produces shampoo according to formula.

Personalization shampoo customization | Professionalism shampoo | Fun shampoo

A large bottle of "blintts bend bubble dye shampoo" with a colorful, modern label featuring abstract circles, displayed against a soft beige background.

Personalization shampoo custom

Customize according to customer requirements to provide more effective products and care.

red best sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair | coloring shampoo for gray hair | good shampoo for colored hair | hair color shampoo for women | shampoo coloring gray hair

Professionalism shampoo custom

The formula is designed by a professional R&D team to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product, and the production is customized on demand to avoid product deterioration.

Blue-green best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair | hair color shampoo | hair coloring shampoo | shampoo for color treated hair | best hair shampoo for colored hair

Fun shampoo custom

Choose your favorite fragrance and color to experience a unique hair care experience.

[BOINAITS] invites you to join

Become our partner! Build a beautiful business together

We sincerely invite you to join us in the hairdressing and cosmetics industry.Supports multiple cooperation models: agency, franchise, OEM/ODM.Support policies: marketing promotion, product training, and comprehensive after-sales service to help you succeed.Represent this cause! You develop customers in your country! We are here to provide you with product customization and production services

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Personalization hair conditioner | Professionalism hair conditioner | Convenience hair conditioner.


Personalization hair conditioner custom

Customized according to customer requirements, providing more effective hair care and meeting personalized product customization requirements.


Professionalism hair conditioner custom

Professional R&D teams and stylists continuously test and adjust to ensure product safety and effectiveness.


Convenience hair conditioner custom

One-stop solution to hair care customization problems, providing customers with full-process services from product design, packaging customization, product production, logistics and delivery, saving time and energy.

Customized shampoo can customize exclusive shampoo formulas according to customers to achieve the following functions.

Cleaning & Maintenance shampoo custom

Remove scalp oil, dirt and residue, keep hair clean and fresh, nourish hair, and improve dry, frizzy, split ends and other problems.

Anti-itch & Oil Control shampoo custom

Relieve scalp itching, dandruff and other problems, regulate scalp oil secretion, and reduce greasiness.

Anti-hair loss & dye protection shampoo custom

Reduce hair fall, promote hair growth, enhance hair dye effect, and extend the durability of hair dye.

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We are the best hair products manufacturer! Complete your creation!

Contact us now to experience the charm of BOINAITS: Get professional consultation: Our account managers will provide you with personalized hair product customization solutions to help you find the products that are best for you. Enjoy high-quality services: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product design solutions, product formula design and effect testing, product usage guidance, troubleshooting and trade terms services. Unlock the secrets of hair care and cosmetics marketing: We regularly hold product promotion and release events to share the latest scientific and technological achievements and knowledge to help you start a new chapter.

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