Production, delivery and delivery process of hairdressing cosmetics products

I. Production preparation

Production plan review: Review the production plan to ensure that the production plan meets the production requirements.
Raw material procurement: Purchase the required raw materials according to the production plan and conduct acceptance inspection.
Production equipment inspection: Inspect and maintain the production equipment to ensure that the production equipment is in good condition.
Production environment cleaning: Clean and disinfect the production workshop to ensure that the production environment meets the hygiene requirements.

2. Product production

Ingredient preparation: Accurately weigh the required raw materials according to the product formula.
Mixing and stirring: Mix the ingredients according to the process requirements to ensure uniformity.
Filling and sealing: Fill the product into the container and seal it.
Quality inspection sampling: Inspect the samples taken during the production process to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

3. Product packaging

Product cleaning: Clean the filled products to ensure that the product appearance is neat.
Coding and spraying: Coding or spraying on the product to indicate the production date, batch number and other information of the product.
Product packaging: Pack the product into a box or carton and mark it well.

4. Finished product inspection

Appearance inspection: Check whether the product appearance meets the requirements, whether there are any damages, missing parts, etc.
Physical and chemical inspection: Inspect the physical and chemical indicators of the product to ensure that the product meets the quality standards.
Microbiological inspection: Inspect the microbiological indicators of the product to ensure that the product meets the hygiene requirements.

5. Finished product storage

Finished product storage: Store qualified finished products in the warehouse.
Warehouse management: Warehouse management of finished products in accordance with regulations to ensure product quality and safety.

6. Shipping preparation

Shipping instructions: After receiving the customer’s shipping instructions, prepare the shipped products.
Picking: Pick the corresponding finished products according to the shipping instructions.
Re-inspection: Re-inspect the picked finished products to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.
Packaging: Pack the picked finished products and mark them.

7. Product delivery

Shipping: Ship the packaged products to the customer in accordance with regulations.
Shipping documents: Attach the shipping documents with the goods, including shipping details, shipping date, consignee information, etc.
Transport tracking: Track the transport of goods to ensure that the goods are safely delivered to the customer.

8. Delivery

Goods delivery: After the goods are delivered to the customer’s designated location, notify the customer to inspect and accept them.
Acceptance: The customer inspects the goods to confirm whether the quantity, quality and packaging of the goods meet the requirements.
Signing for receipt: After the customer signs for the goods, the delivery process is completed.


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