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1.Material preparation / 2.Processing and manufacturing / 3.Assembly / 4.Inspection / 5.Packaging

1.The main materials of the hair wax stick include wires, heating elements, plastic shells and coatings.
2.The wires and heating elements need to be processed and manufactured according to the specifications of the hair wax stick. Plastic housings can be produced by injection molding or blow molding. Coating can be done by spraying or electroplating.
3.Assemble the processed wires, heating elements, plastic housings and coatings.
4.Inspect the assembled hair wax sticks to ensure that they meet quality requirements.
5.Pack the qualified hair wax sticks.


Hair wax stick product

with a professional hair wax product R&D team dedicated to the research, development


Hair wax manufacturer

With an experienced hair wax bar R&D team and advanced production facilities,


professional hair wax stick

we are always committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe and effective hair wax products.

Types of hair wax we can offer you

Hair wax can be divided into the following types according to different gloss, texture and functions

A sleek, metallic tin labeled "About Us hair clay" in stylish embossed typography, placed on a reflective surface with a soft shadow under it.

Matte hair wax custom

The lowest gloss, giving a natural matte effect, suitable for creating natural and effortless hairstyles.

Glossy hair wax

The glossiness is high, making the hair brighter and shiny, suitable for creating a fashionable and eye-catching style.

Oily hair wax supply

The texture is greasy, suitable for dry and coarse hair, and can make the hair smoother and easier to manage.

hair Customized conditioner: Create your own hair care regimen

Types of hair conditioners that can be hair customized: 1. hair Conditioner for normal hair care 2. hair Conditioner for dry hair 3. hair Conditioner for damaged hair 4. hair Conditioner for anti-dandruff 5. Conditioner for sun protection Hair conditioner 6. Washable hair conditioner 7.
Leave-in hair conditioner 8. Oil-baked hair conditioner

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Leave-in hair Conditioner: Deep hair care: Color hair mask : Styling hair Conditioner


Conditioner for dry hair

It can replenish hair moisture and prevent dry and frizzy hair.


Conditioner for damaged hair

Can repair damaged hair and restore hair to health.


Anti-dandruff conditioner

It can remove dandruff and relieve scalp itching.

1. Washable conditioner: 2. Leave-in conditioner: 3. Oil-baked conditioner

Washable conditioner

Need to be used after shampooing and rinsing with water.

Leave-in conditioner

Can be used directly without rinsing with water.

Oil-baked conditioner

It needs to be left on the hair for a while and then rinsed with water.

According to the efficacy of color shampoo, it can be divided into the following categories

BOINAITS is a manufacturer focusing on hair color shampoo products with many years of industry experience and a strong R&D team.

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The hair shampoo hair dyes invented by BOINAITS are very unique because they contain pigments that adhere to the surface of the hair and change color when the hair is treated.


Pigment wrapped hair color

Wrapping a layer of pigment on the hair surface is usually used to supplement bleached and dyed hair. It can dye black hair and is relatively cheap and easy to use, but the color may gradually disappear over time.


Semi-permanent hair colours

Can penetrate the hair cortex and provide longer-lasting color effects. They usually contain more pigment than depositing conditioners and can last for weeks. Semi-permanent conditioner can be used to cover yellow hair, change any color or deepen hair color.


Permanent hair dye shampoo

They contain chemicals that open up the hair cortex and remove natural pigments. Then, new color is added to the hair. Permanent hair dye provides full coverage and can last for months. However, they can also be the most damaging to your hair and can cause breakage and damage.

The color shampoos invented by BOINAITS are very unique. They contain pigments that adhere to the surface of the hair and change its color when the hair is washed.

Anti-yellowing shampoo

This shampoo is mainly targeted at hair with a naturally yellowish color and can help remove brassy tones in the hair, making it look brighter and whiter. Anti-yellowing shampoos usually contain purple pigmentation agents that neutralize yellow pigments in your hair.

Silver Shampoo

This shampoo is mainly targeted at gray or bleached hair and can help remove brassy tones, leaving hair looking silver or gray. Silver shampoos often contain blue pigmentation agents that neutralize yellow pigments in your hair.

Color Shampoo

This shampoo temporarily changes the color of your hair and is usually used for special occasions or short-term styling. Colored shampoos often contain pigments that are deposited on the surface of the hair, but can fade after a few washes.

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