Professional shampoo, hair dye, hair wax, hair mud product manufacturer


What products can we provide?

Provide OEM/ODM service for shampoo/conditioner/body wash/hair dye/hair mud/hair wax

Cooperation Process


1: Negotiate business

Through communication, determine your product requirements.


2: Select raw materials

According to your request! Let’s select high-quality raw materials and prepare to make samples.


3: Sample production

Arrange product proofing according to the product structure, and you determine the quality of the sample.


4: Packaging material

Packaging material inspection and storage, planned production, semi-finished product production and testing, product production and filling.


5:Manufacturing process

We will record some interesting stories of your products during the manufacturing process and send them to you for future advertising!


6: Ex works

After the product processing is completed, the entire project is settled.


7:Payment and delivery

After processing the entire project, you pay the balance and arrange delivery

Talent is the foundation of good products!


The 4 conditions that need to be met for a good product!

To be a great brand is a product created by someone’s inner reality! Your values determine your brand! Your brand dreams come true!

Our standards for products!

Makes a great product! Simple but not simple, any problem in any link may affect the quality!

Everything we do! It is to create good products that benefit mankind!

Preferred Raw Materials


test raw material


Design product formula


Proofing link


test session


Rigorous testing

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About our factory

Manual quality inspection

With 10 automated production lines, it can produce 80,000 products per day

Emulsification process

8 sets of vacuum emulsification pots, [2 sets of 5-ton pots, 3 sets of one-ton pots] can produce 26 tons of materials a day.

Water purification equipment

Use reverse osmosis pure water equipment to filter the water source to ensure excellent water quality!

A complete industrial chain provides services for you!


PET bottle workshop

We complete your ideas, turn the designed bottles into products, and develop unique bottles in the world. We can realize any of your ideas here!


Emulsification pot equipment

Emulsification is a very important link. Every step requires refined production, control and inspection to ensure that every link can be traced.

Industry experts at your service

We are award winning! In 2023, it was rated as an excellent member company

From 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022, it has been awarded as an excellent member unit for 5 consecutive years. This is an award issued by the Beauty and Hairdressing Products Industry Association, which is very precious! To receive such an honor, we are fully aware of the great responsibility, and will continue to work hard to improve products and serve customers.


Business license

FDA certification

ISO9001 certification

BOINAITS Global Exhibition!

Customers who have cooperated for many years!

Japan Beauty Show in Tokyo
Japan Beauty Show in Tokyo
Japan Beauty Show in Tokyo

Achive dreams

Let's start a beautiful business together

Our perspective! Work hard for the cause of making human beings beautiful! Sincere team! kind person! Good quality products create value for you!

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